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I’m an Independent Brand, Marketing & Design Chap.

I launched and led some of the North of England’s biggest and best agencies for 15 years or so. We won almost 100 awards, as it goes. These days, however. There’s just me. Doing one thing.

I help businesses make more money by maximising brand building and communication. That’s it.

I’m different because I get businesses to be much braver than the rest. Businesses are generally quite boring. Blend-in. Forgettable. And I can’t be doing with any of that. Businesses I work with get noticed. Remembered. And chosen.

I also understand business. So I mend and/or solidify the link between organisational objectives and the change you want to make, brand, marketing strategy, marketing tactics, message, creative flair, branding and brand coding.

I work with businesses around the world that turn over between £1m and £100m. I build (or hone) in-house Marketing Departments, integrating the work and making sure external agencies are decent, right for you, and that they are used properly.

I work with no more than 3 businesses at a time, always between 4 and 8 days each month, and always for 12 months or more. I’m +44 (0)7960 117077 anytime, if you’d like to chat.

Thank you.


mychael's Michael Owen
mychael's Michael Owen


5 clients. And a Scrapbook.

All work.


All 1,000 words long. All a 5 minute read.

All essays.


Big ideas. Unforgettable realities.

All experiments.

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When it comes to Brand and Brand Strategy, Mychael is in a league of his own - there simply isn’t anyone to better him! Challenging, Stretching, Contentious, Obsessive - and acutely and unassailably right - every time!

Claire Byers
Former Deputy Director, BALTIC and Creative Director, The Alnwick Garden.

Mychael spits out insights and observations with regularity, honesty and humour. They always make me stop and think. The always reflect a part of him and maybe a part of us all. They sizzle like water on a hotplate, they sing with a kind of poetry, and there’s a new one every day. Every single day. For ten years. Brilliant.

Mark Shayler
Founding Partner at The Do-lectures & Founder at This is Ape. Author, 'Do Present' & 'Do Disrupt'. (Commenting on 50odd)

50odd is a close and trusted friend to challenging me, entertaining me and - above all - reminding me why I love life.

Tony Robinson OBE
Author, Speaker, Campaigner, Broadcaster, Founder & Co-Owner of SFEDI Group. (Commenting on 50odd)

Everything about the brand, what you stand for and the quality of your products is superb.

Paul Sinton-Hewitt CBE
Founder, Parkrun. (Commenting on Always Wear Red)

Amazing Mike. We always knew it would happen. A Beautiful Collection.

Amy Gallo-Gofton
Former Vice President of Design, Kate Spade, New York. (Commenting on Always Wear Red)

50odd can touch your heart, tickle your funny bone and tempt you to rethink the everyday pedestrian norms, and raise your bar.

Mary Keane-Dawson
Speaker & Writer. (Commenting on 50odd)

Important guidance, wit, perceptive observation and grizzled hard earned wisdom. It’s all here, beautifully written...

Carlo Navato
Co-Founder, The Do Lectures. (Commenting on 50odd)

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