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David Bradley and Pete Zulu

the dinner

In early 2019.

4 friends.

Old and new.

Had dinner.

And a fifth friend, Royal Television Society Award Winning Filmmaker Morgan Stephenson, captured it.

The Diners.

David Bradley (BAFTA Winner, played Billy Casper in Ken Loach’s iconic British 1969 film, Kes), Carlo Navato (Founder of Haxted, Co-Founder of The Do Lectures), Pete Zulu (Original Lead Singer, The Toy Dolls, Author, Photographer, Owner/Head Chef – The Black Horse, Boldon, NE UK) and Michael Owen, Founder, mychael.

The Dinner. Part 1.

Carlo’s dad’s restaurant. David and life after Kes. Ken Loach and Tony Garnett’s favourite fish and chip shop. Being gay in Barnsley in the 60’s. Mum phrases. Classic desserts. And David’s spotted dick.

The Dinner. Part 2.

Pete’s menu. How we met. A Golden Eagle in Byker. Pete’s photography. How New York band ‘Paris Monster’ ended up sleeping at Michael’s (and breakfasting at Pete’s). The ‘Kes Event’ and why David always cries at the end. David and Michael buying every copy of ‘Kes’ from HMV, Newcastle. The first course arrives.

The Dinner. Part 3.

Headphones, speakers, record players and vinyl. Bill Fay. Jimmy Webb’s Galveston. Paul Williams. Keith Jarrett. Peter Gabriel’s WOMAD. Nick Drake. Nick Cave. Pete’s book, ‘Triggers’ (‘and you’re both in it’). The hug.

The Dinner. Part 4.

Kouros memories. Carlo, The Lake District and Shakin’ Stevens. Misery and sadness. Ravens by Masahisa Fukase. Pete’s Blu-tacked camera. 41 Euros for a Glenfiddich and Cappuccino in Venice. How Pete writes. David explains (beautifully) life after Kes. Have we peaked? Jarrett, improvisation and philosophy. The main course arrives. Jarrett versus sex. Trusting yourself and each other.


  • May 15, 2020

    Terry McStea

    Hi Mike, just watched the 2nd dinner video. Thanks for the name check. It was indeed a special event. Funnily enough I was watching ‘Greg Davies: Looking for Kes’ on iPlayer last night, where he talks to David, or Dai as he refers to himself on there, as well as Barry Hines’ widow and other people that knew him. Worth a watch if you haven’t seen it.

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