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Gateshead College

Gateshead College

Little old Gateshead. In the shadow of the mighty Newcastle. Sod that. Not in Further Education, they’re not.


Gateshead College is the Number 1 FE College in England. With an achievement rate of 96%, they are 10% above the National average. Gateshead College has been THE top performing FE College in the North East for 5 consecutive years.


Great leadership team. Great college.


Our HIRE EDUCATION campaign was a brand play. We wanted to make Gateshead College famous for just one thing in the mind of the prospects. And, in our mind, the most powerful and influential thing in the minds of the young people they wanted to attract and retain – and their parents.


Jobs. And more specifically – Employment Edge.


This ‘Jobs’ position undermined (repositioned) the blend-in chest-beating of the competition as they waxed lyrical about facilities, nightlife and accommodation. None of which are true and lasting differentiators. In 1955, Gateshead College was established on Durham Road in Low Fell for the sole purpose of job creation for local industry. So our positioning approach for Gateshead College was rich with believable and laser-like authenticity.


For a while, we instigated a tactical ‘website take-over’. A ‘stunt’ student ‘WE WANT JOBS’ uprising that digitally graffitied the Gateshead College website interface. This sat alongside rebellious out-of-home media messages including, ‘Take To The Streets! And Come Home With A Job’.


Brave and brilliant work. For brave and brilliant people.


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