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Here’s a selection of work from the archive that, for one reason or another, I like a lot. It’s smart work. Some understated and smart. Some ballsy, arresting and smart. But unlike over 90% of the worlds business communications – it got noticed – and remembered.


01. Definitive Packaging and Think Tapes. Great copy. Smart, branded art direction and creative. Joining the dots between brand, through messaging, through to creative execution. It’s vital.


02. Duced. Strong, strategic branding. A great name derived from ‘reduced’ and echoing ‘juiced’. A clever, simple way of grouping the flavours (colours) at a brand name level, and isolating the flavours at a product level. As well as reminding the consumer of the natural ‘peel’ of the fruit. Richly conceived. Smartly executed.


03. Relay Fund. A strategic branding concept. A revolving loan fund (I thought) should have a brand additive name. So the fact that the money gets handed onward from one person to the next led us to ‘Relay’. And how do we show that this is about more than just one person? The lender and the borrower. And how do we also show that the money really does go around and around? A palindromic application.


04. Tyne Tees Models. I worked inside the North UK’s biggest and longest established modelling agency – Tyne Tees Models – for 2 years. A great team. Assembled by the exceptional Lesley Middlemiss-Lister. Together, we brought the MADE YOU LOOK trademark to life. A reference to the commercial aspect of what a model is actually for – to attract attention for brands. Plus the funner side. The goading side. MADE YOU LOOK also references the thousands of amazing looking models on the TTM books. ‘Matching Models to Missions Since 1994’ is – quite rightly – used consistently. And ‘The Beautiful North’ campaign has also been executed by the team really well.


05. Video. I’ve explored video deeply in recent years. Storytelling. Drawing the audience in. Getting over a lot – with very little.
5.1 KIVERCO IFAT. Ann English‘s unique animation captures the client’s 2020 brand and exhibition journey.
5.2 Early Always Wear Red brand video.
5.3-5.9 Early Always Wear Red product videos.
5.10-5.12 TRUE Solicitors brand videos. Looking to position – and own – perception as the straight player in a bent market.
5.13-5.14 Early Always Wear Red event videos.
5.15 Always Wear Red launch video with Ralf Little and Zoe Rocha.


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